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Poetra Asantewa is a sensational balance of poetry, music, intellect and wit. Multifaceted in her practice, Asantewa fuses her poetry, music and design skill to subvert the mainstream role of artists as entertainers only – by being unapologetic and unwavering in using her voice to question things more, observe things closely, explore and appreciate, all the while being entertaining and being good at it.

Faith and Fury is an EP that explores the duality of two opposite emotions existing together. It was inspired by struggling with being both angry and hopeful about things in my life, and reading about the idea that God isn’t afraid of man’s anger. It was a light bulb moment for me – to accept that being angry about a thing didn’t mean it negates having faith in said thing. And that’s what this project is about – making space for both faith and fury to exist side by side, together and alone.

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