eBook Conversion and Distribution

eBook Conversion and Distribution

Whatever you choose to do, some individuals may prefer this version of the book. Some of the reasons for their decision might include affordability, accessibility from anywhere, access to several books on a single device, and the ability to adjust font style and size, among others. Your book must be prepared for the digital environment if you wish to reach them.

E-books are one of the most effective methods to reach millions of people all over the world. There are several low-cost options, such as employing internet platforms or dealing with people who aren’t familiar with e-book formatting style and standards. 

This isn’t going to work out well. Many authors wind up with strange characters and formatting problems, which may be frustrating. You are deserving of better! You deserve a team of publishing experts who will convert and test your e-book to ensure that it will operate on all major e-readers, including Kindles, iPads, iPhones, Androids, and PCs.

Poemify Publishing Packages Business Services

You can distribute your e-book through a network of 15 safe online retailers in various regions. This is what you get:

  • You may keep 100% of your net e-book sales from online stores.
  • On a single dashboard, you can track all of your sales reports.
  • Expert file conversion is available.
  • You’ll get access to 15 stores all around the world.

Other Services

Interior Design

The book layout is one of the factors that keeps your audience captivated to your book. We'll help you provide the greatest possible reading experience.

Cover Design

The covers of books are used to judge them. If you want your book to sell well, the cover design should provide a positive first impression.


Audiobooks are one of the most elegant ways to listen to information on the go. We can assist you in creating an audio version of your text.