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Weep not, child Weep not, my darling
With these kisses let me remove your tears,
The ravening clouds shall not be long victorious,
They shall not long possess the sky.”  
– Ngugi Wa Thiong’o”

Oh, weep Alkebu-lan, weep.
And so shall the son of Alkebu-lan arose from their slumbers and say;
unto him who has held them up in – neo-colonialism
and shall demand their freedom, yes, through their wits and prowess.

With the same pen and paper that they’d used
to erase you from the mouth of infants and you shall say to him;
whence are you and your offspring, – slave masters.

Oh, weep Alkebu-lan, weep.
Oh, are thou not afraid?
To touch the first child of the earth?
That in this your ravening and lustful quest –
you drowned him at the sea,
not minding the reality of his existence as the first amongst all.

under the sheets

Oh, weep Alkebu-lan, weep.
Tell it not in the gathering of the children of Alkebu-lan,
publish it not in the streets and cities of the great warriors;
lest the daughters of the – slave masters rejoice,
lest the harlot of Lugard answers the name-giver of a country.

Oh, weep Alkebu-lan, weep.
How the first inhabitants of the earth are slain at the sea,
shipped as like a fish would be shipped,
and like carnivorous animals of no land and no worth.

Oh, the beauty of the earth and mother of humanity.
How are the mighty men of Alkebu-lan – fallen
in the hands of – the echoes across the Atlantic?

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