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The fact is, rape have become a societal norm. On a daily, the dailies carry reports of rape here, there and everywhere. Male adults rape female children, female adults molest male children, uncle rape cousins, father rape daughters, group of boys rape a girl, girls gang rape an unsuspecting boy. The list is endless. Both genders point accusing fingers at the other, trading blames back and forth. But this is not the time to place blames. This is the moment when we need to echo our voices together into a thunderstorm echoing “Rape is Rape!”

“Rape is Rape!” is a collection of poems and a few stories contributed during a competition organized by Poemify Publishers in support for the ‘30 Days of August’ campaign against rape, 2017.

“Rape is Rape!” is our own way of telling the world we’re not blind to the disturbing rage of rape, even when our voices seem subdued by its rampant nature.

“Rape is Rape!” is an attempt to tell the truth as it is – raw and real. It’s our way of exposing the untold tales of rape and child molestation even in family circles.

under the sheets

We intend to paint a portrait showing emotional trauma masked behind fake smiles. Rape must be put to end. We clamour for a reverse engineering, where all things fall into place, so that one day, we would sit back on our couch & tell our children how we fought sexual harassment, wrestled with girl child rape and exposed the shadow trails of boy child rape, with our pens, the voice that never can be put out. And this we have done with this collection of poems and real stories.

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