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The N.E.W D.A.W.N


Our voices shall roar
Our fists held up
For the land that is ours
Our rights never let up

Let us keep aside
Ethnicity and religion
For it is by these, they hope we slide
Let us stick together and be a legion

under the sheets

Our fate is ours
Our choice is ours
Let us take the power
Let us climb the tower

This is the peace we seek
To live before we leave
Let us keep in heart, let our hearts bleed
For those forced to leave, before they lived

The day is here
Our generation is rare
The time is now
Let us keep this vow

To you
To me
To us
There is more power in unity
Than there is unity in power

We shall end SARS
Yes, we shall
We shall end government irregularities
Yes, we shall

“Leaders of tomorrow”
They have caused us sorrow
Made us lack and borrow
We shall no longer be shallow

For it is our fight
Together to make things right
Will it not be bright?
If we, together can change our plight?

Let there be a reform
Of the government of the people
Of the people of the government


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Joxzy OTOR is a Musician, a Writer, a Self-discovery/development coach, and a Relationship Counselor.Fondly called "INKspirator" and "PenAddict" by his audience whom he prides as his family. Joxzy is well known by the lines "We live for us", "Live before you leave" and "Family is not biological". Joxzy is the convener of " A talk with Joxzy", a WhatsApp platform dedicated to counselling and helping you heal from all forms of emotional distress. Reach him all social outlets with the search "Joxzy OTOR"

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