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There has always been a game of superiority over the black for many years now. This poem is to give voice to the black that they matter, we matter!

Hear my fainting voice oh ye men
Dying in my cowardice is a crime
Stop killing us because we are black
We are humans, being black is cool

Enough is enough!

Our unstoppable daily cries for love
That keep flowing and raging like an ocean
We live like animals in the wild and wood
You don’t care about us, yet you hunt us

Enough is enough!

under the sheets

Being black is beauty not evil
Why do men rise against us?
Why do they hate and kill us?
Did we make ourselves black?

Enough is enough!

Stop crushing our freedom under your feet
We want a free life with love and peace
We don’t want to cry “I can’t breathe”
Enough is enough, we matter

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