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In an effort to build a gigantic record,
That will forever remain written in golden letter,
The heart palpitates with the view of failure,
That always sleeps the smiling slew hope.

In a glimpse into the amazing surroundings,
That surrounded the heart that fears failure;
For it slaps the essential ecstasies thought,
And always introduces conscious of success.

In a trying to transform the awful thought,
That tells a tale of fear to the thought;
The thought is then nuisance to the thought,
Evaporating the free smiling time unequivocally.

In a time when the heart and thought
Coincided together unexpectedly at a point,
The point that stands firmly to unveil a talk;
The joy is no more as the failure has emanated.

under the sheets

In a way to diminish its adverse effects,
The heart beats in seconds, portraying the says;
“Why at this time I apparently failed”?
Thought, but the answer is wrapped in my skin.

In a journey I went with heart,
Heartening to reduce the disheartened time,
I found a river of hope that built me joy,
I realized the reality of failure in short.

In a walk I thought to have to the future,
The failure cleared the hidden chances,
Which are indelibly etched beneath my skin,
To move with console and harness the game.

In a smile of my eye at a rare time,
It shows the courage that tears failure;
My heart has realized the potentials,
That I ought to thought and go do their quest.

In an undoubted eye into the failure,
I realized its true meaning;
Is all about making changes,
As it is the comeback story of success.

Failure is the record
That fills the joyous bowl of success,
Slapping the apparent and hidden seclusion,
Affirming the aroma of good future.

Failure is very painful to behold,
Yet an history to be read,
In the book of victory,
As it is the bedrock of success.

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