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when the war in my head rages,
i find peace in a bottle of rum

Malibu mixed it with pineapple juice,
as white as her red dress would’ve been

one brugal añejo
as tan as the sand under our dancing feet would’ve been

one shot of cheap liquor
as sparkling as her eyes when our sweet love was new

under the sheets

seven little drops of amarula
as red as her lips would’ve been after intense kisses

a triple shot of silver tequila
as clear as my intentions & affections

which she dragged in the mud

i throw an umbrella in it,
put on my sunshades

& take one more sip
because i need remember a little less
of how deep it hurts

& drink, drink, drink
until i forget she said no with a smirk

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Jaachị Anyatọnwụ is a poet, editor and publisher from Nigeria. His writings are inspired by everyday happenings and observations.

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