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My love,
And you have now become my poems.
Permit me to adorn you with words tonight
As nothing again mattered to me except that
You are now like this foyer filled with petals;
Buds of roses, tonight I am here again.
You have become my joy and anchor
In these stormy hurricanes of my life.
I am lost but found within your web
I am lost in the shuffle of the nestles
But I am found by your love stretched out
Just like the petals of the sunflower
I am mesmerised by your love
Your love, I can’t deny it, I treasure it
Come home tonight my lover
Come hold me tonight my ‘Betahalf’
Each night that I think of you,
My inks flow in black and white.
Come take me to the mountains of love
And make me dwell there everlasting
For your love has found a lost soul
And into Paradise, it shall lead me to

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