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Nature & Peace

Knolls fixed with cliffs
In between gaps
Grimy glaciers stash.
This delightful glance
Stimulates my blindsight.

After the long hike
Refuge in hills
Under big trees
In search of peace,
I rushed from the burg
To hide under the shades of composure.

This serene place
Guarded by high mounts
With densely covered forests
On rims of creeks
With surging gushes
I gained strength
To reshape new ideas.

Thumping winds empty my worries
With soothing sounds of gushing waters
Calm down my nerves.
The sounds of chirping birds
With different tunes
As beautiful as nature itself.

On the green carpet, I lie down
With tight eyes
To feel the magic of nature.
Muttering lips with murky voice
Continuously repeat- Peace is here
Nature is peace.

Scary Nights

The demons rule on the scary nights
And victims bear heavy assaults

Someone’s bones got deep fractures
Others lost teeth by intense hits

Children and old shiver in the cold
Women cover themselves in veils

One mistake by a slip of tongue
Is sufficient to put anyone behind bars

Receive daunts, taunts and punches
The youth function as human shields

At the corner of an open courtyard
All night family counts delightful stars

Hungry people are fasting long
Crying for food and beverages

Vandalize stock spread on the floor
Crushed under the foot of soldiers

Rice mixed with pulses and flour
Charcoal burn with spices

Clothes help in polishing guns
Comforters out of cupboards

Guns hide in the darkness
Lanes flood with Lights

Patriots succumb to injuries
The whole world is offering prayers

A thread of red dots on the snow
On freezing Chillai Kalan nights

The sacred blood of martyrs
Will convince the nation to pick weapons

Traitors & Tyrants

A hamlet with smiling faces
Of all age groups and Multiple races

Traitors with bad blood in veins
Again bring us back to agonies

Like Abdullah-bin-Ubai and his fans
Among us, they hide in our locales

Invite thieves to steal the peace
To cut my people into slices

Pushing back the community to confined Walls
Only dogs can roam on devastated lanes

The bloodthirsty come with big weapons
Digging ground with hoes and spades

No need to worry about deserters
Till this land is filled with heroes

The Slaves of Beautiful Prison

Wild Beasts dressed in black
Up with arms ready to attack

Knocking at the door of a shack
Using abusive language and clack

With metallic rods, they smack
Oozing blood from my back

Wounds, clots, and scars rack
The screeching voices are slack

With dirty shoes they whack
Windowpanes all they crack

Snatching lives from the folks by hijack
By Smashing gun-butts on the buttock

Beseiged souls receive a setback
Ruled by despots on horseback


Syed Aamir Sharief Qadri is from the Indian state of J&K (now UT). He has completed post-graduation in History from the University of Kashmir and obtained an M.Phil. at Punjabi University Patiala. Also qualified JKSET in 2016. Currently, he works as a freelance writer for different newspapers as a guest writer. His articles got published in many daily newspapers of Kashmir such as Greater Kashmir, Daily Excelsior, Kashmir life, Kashmir pen, Kashmir images, Kashmir observer, oracle opinion, Kashmir reader, Kashmir horizon, Kashmir vision, café Dissensus, Kashmir Age, The Ligtemate, Brighter Kashmir, The Kashmiryet, Daily Udaan, Kashmir Uzma, Daily chattan, Kashmir Canvass; Inside Kashmir, Early Times; The Dispatch, Inside Kashmir, The Mirror of Kashmir, etc. He also writes poems in English as well as in Urdu. Many of his poetry pieces got published in many national and international magazines and journals. He is a co-author of many anthologies. Besides he is a regular blogger and owns his website.

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