Frequently Asked Question

Frequently Asked Question

Is Poemify For Poetry Only?

We love poetry, but accept every other genre of literature — prose, plays, photoarts, book reviews, creative essays, etc.

Can I Send My Poems Via Email?

We DO NOT accept email submission. Click here to register and submit work.

Do You Publish Books?

Poemify Publishers publish both digital (ebook and audiobooks) and paperback books. Click here to view our publishing packages.

What Does Publishing With Poemify Publishers Entail?

Publishing with Poemify Publishers has always been a simple process. It is in our organizational structure to keep things detailed and simple. This is why, aside the details simplified here on our website, our agents are always available live to attend to your requests.

Are My Details (Manuscripts, Books, Etc) Safe With Poemify Publishers?

Yes, your details are secured. We understand the value of intellectual properties just as much as you do. We will not share your details with third parties.

How Long Does The Publishing Process Take?

This actually depends on a lot of criteria: availability of manuscript, volume of book(s), ISBN acquisition, payment etc. But be rest assured that with all things in place, publishing will not take longer than one month

How Is Payment Calculated?

As stated on our package page, prices are standard charges but actual fees may differ given the fact that manuscripts will be subjected to assessments. Factors like number of pages, formatting requirements, nature of book, quality of writing etc play important roles.

Who Owns The Copyright Of Published/Marketed Books?

Authors retain copyrights of all books published. Ours is to help deliver quality books at the required charge.

Do I Have To Be Physically Available?

No, we operate on a very flexible ground, and a network organizational structure which does not mandate physical interactions. We are available on all social media channels which makes communication seamless. However, you can always schedule a meeting with us in Aba, Abia State, Nigeria.

I Have Other Questions

We know that. And we are always here to provide answers to your questions and queries. Kindly use the contact buttons below to select how best to reach us.