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There is a saying that “without teachers, there’s no nation”. Another is that without teachers, life would have no class. This tells us how important this profession called teaching is. Every teacher, they say, is the backbone of society because they play a major role in motivating students and helping build their self-esteem while also shaping future leaders of the best way for society. But this profession has lost its value because it is not appreciated by the government or private sectors.

You leaders of today are treating teachers anyhow, I believe you all attend primary school, secondary school, and higher institutions, and you know the impact of all these teachers and lecturers, but you are not appreciating them and it’s affecting those we claim to be leaders of tomorrow. 

For instance ; ASSU  is on strike because they are being denied of their rights. Many students are at home doing Kasu, Kaji, kajeun Nigeria limited, Academic calendar has been Bastardized and students have to use more time in school than the appropriate time they ought to use. while your own children are studying abroad without any disturbance.


under the sheets

However, one thing you don’t know is that the children of the poor you neglect and refuse to train will not allow your children to have peace of mind. This is not a curse though, but the law of karma. 

To all proprietors and proprietresses, headmasters and headmistresses, and private school principals, you need to treat your employees well. And to the government, appreciate teachers and lecturers. Let them be given the rights they are all entitled to because leaders are produced through them.


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