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The day Emeka found me, he murdered me
I saw my spirit leaving my body like vapours;
His breaths, steaming my already tired soul

His eyes divorced my clothes off my body
even before he pounced on me like a lion
showing off his strength to donkeys….

I couldn’t trust myself to be freed from his grips
So, I watched him thrust me with all his powers

His legs locked my thin legs
Like someone under captivity, I couldn’t move

under the sheets

He wasn’t a Moses but had a long rod
Yet like Moses, he didn’t only hit once

His left hand, over my lips
So, I couldn’t talk
This hand tastes like salt water; bitter Jordan

His right hand screened my body
Till the narrow gate was found between my thighs

He threw this gate open without looking back
And rode his bike down my lanes
Till he got to Canaan
Where I flowed with milk and honey

His tongue crawled like a snake
And drank from the two waterfalls on my chest

That day home became hell
And home is the street where I died.

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