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This poem, ‘Hope In Hand’ talks about hope. It shows the essence of hope. No matter how hard a situation is we should always have it at the back of our minds that we’ll scale through. No matter how tight the situation is we’ll always penetrate like the air and keep pushing till things are better. The poet is trying to tell us that when situations in life try to weigh us down we should have this hope of rising again, by the time we rise it would be like a dream and we would wonder. Just like the law of gravity so will our problems be.

The breeze sways the leaves
Yet my legs are rooted on the turf.

The tides against me rise,
The voyage won’t take long to disembark;
Why won’t I press a little more towards the ark?

When my mouth a desert be,
No matter how small,
The creek will ceaselessly flow.

under the sheets

Lines may drift at present,
A sheer change will indeed subsist;
Like a Joseph, I’ll be.

Fluttering wings; fear dares to spread,
Hoots and hovers like a huge bird
But my chicks will never shudder.

Life may be fiercer than the fiery furnace
But when difficulty arises, I know
Gravity will ever prove its worth on it.

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