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The immortal bed is enlarging day by day.
Our land expertly swallows her inhabitants.
Blood, the new element to replace coal tar.
The more we call,
the further our hope travels from us.

How do I say a prayer for Nigeria:

I say, dear land of the dead barely living,
Only a matter of time before we too leave.
We the living ones, say a minute of silence.
For the ones worthy of your bite,
Before our time is up for your cold bite.

Or should I pray thus:

under the sheets

Dear land of only thought and feeling,
But no words, just pictures.
We know what it is, but who dares tell?
With a government bearing shocking words,
Please don’t slay us yet.

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Oletu Oghenenyore is a native of Urhobo from Ughelli-South LGA of Delta State. He is a photographer and G.M.P. fabricator. A passionate poet and story-teller with over 200 poems on various theme, some publish in online book and magazine. Your can reach him on +238140727762. Facebook handle: OLETU OGHENENYORE CORNELIUS PETR. His poetry Facebook page is NYORE NOTE.


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