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How to apply for Wole Soyinka essay Competition 2020 Wole Soyinka Essay competition 2020 tagged The Wole Soyinka International Cultural Exchange Essay Competition 2020.

The open Door Series Project WS is an International Cultural Exchange Program designed for the purpose of using the platforms of Literature, Arts and Culture to affirm and uphold the dignity of man. Focusing on the youths as the future of humanity, the ICE seeks to foster unity among mankind regardless of nationality, ethnicity and religion.


  1. Essays should be typed preferably in Microsoft word, double line spacing, each page numbered. No pictures or illustrations. Font size 12, Times New Roman.
  2. Essays should be not more than 400 words and not less than 350words for Stage 1 (ages 12-16) and not more than 1,000 words and not less than 800 words for Stage 2 (ages 17-22).
  3. Plagiarism will result in immediate disqualification.
  4. The judges’ decision on any matter is final. There is no obligation on WSICE or on the judges to provide an explanation for any decision made.
  5. Prizes are not transferable.
  6. WSICE accepts no responsibility for entries lost, delayed, misdirected or undelivered. Incomplete and or illegible entries will be disqualified. Late entries will not be considered.
  7. Winners will be announced on WSICE website and also contacted individually via email.
  8. WISCE and/or the judges may disqualify any entry without an explanation if the evidence suggests that there has been a breach of the competition rules.



  1. Originality and creativity: Treatment of the theme showing imagination, human interest and a fresh point of view. Ability to think ‘outside the box’ in an unusual way.
  2. Content and structure: Clearly express your ideas in an organized manner. Fully develop your theme and use transitions to move smoothly from one idea to the other.
  3. Adherence to the topic.
  4. Logical flow: using proper grammar and spelling.
  5. Wow factor: Exceptional essays that display an incredible use of vocabulary, clever ideas, and unique style.
  6. Length: Participants must conform to the word limit specified for each category.


(stage 1 or ages 12-16)

Winner: #300, 000.
Runner up: #200, 000

(Stage 2 or ages 17-22)

Winner: 500, 000 naira.
Runner up: 300, 000 naira

under the sheets

Global winner for stage 1: $600
Global winner for stage 2: $1000

Click here to the competition’s full details.
Click here to apply.

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