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For last night you came home
Perspiring like the summer winds
But your nose blew warmness
And your mouth-mounted wetness
That bridled up the seas within
And in your eyes, I gaze as a pelagic

I sailed to the blue seas in your eyes
They were not the mourning you thought
What you called out was my journey
Into the beyond, I fastened my move
Unstoppable, the journey took off

I was alive within when you came
When you came with those raging seas
In your eyes, they were tears
The loss of a beloved brother, I guess
But I was alive within whispering
Don’t shade your tears at my death
I am not dead, but alive within

Kiss me with everything rosy
Place them within my hands and whisper
You are loved not only in death
Kiss me through the petals of the roses
For I know that I am not dead within
I am alive, yes, I know that I am alive again
Within these fields of roses, I am alive

under the sheets

Look within and around you
I am alive, in the seas as a mighty wind
In the forest, I make the leaves clap
Within the cool of the evening, I revisit
I am nostalgic for the wind where you think of home
But it broke my heart last night
That you came calling me dead
While I am still alive within you

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