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A friendship that went sour, got me in a trance, lost sight of myself and vision once… but I somehow saw my path again and took back my self.

Zubeida Ibrahim

I am scared
Of being scarred
When they stared
At my mind so naked

I didn’t care
So I brought them near
By then, I didn’t fear
My vision unclear

I just made friends
My shoulder I would lend
Efforts I made to mend
Any harm their way sent

I would be kind
I would clear my mind
Of any misunderstandings I find
Coz my friendship with eternity I bind

under the sheets

They woke me with a shake
From my fantasy to awake
Some realities were actually fake
Some were a pain in the neck

But here goes my innocence
I would never build a fence
I would forgive them at a glance
Because we were friends once

I would succumb to my pain
Hiding in everything insane
I thought speaking would be lame
For I didn’t want my friends to blame

Days turned to months
Years killed all the fun
I spoke not to anyone
I became just so numb

Emotions would come and go
Regret levels turned so low
What’s to happen will follow
So why care just go with the flow

I became just like all
Who would take any fall
Being squeezed to the wall
Feeling dead was my soul

I lost my cheerful nature
I lost my kind features
I lost my beautiful riches
My goodness within my niche

Who turned me a monster
Is it them and their mobster
I couldn’t differentiate a sister
From the enemy who seemed similar

The enemy within
I saw them grin
My biggest sin
Was letting them in

They weren’t wrong
I joined their song
My choice was wrong
For I wasn’t strong

I sat with myself
A message to myself I had to tell
All that begins well ends well
I was sincere, so my soul I won’t sell

Lord grant me peace
As I take this decision of ease
I don’t want to hurt anyone please
I just want my life back to sieze

And so… It began
I was united with myself as one
I left the wrong pack and was alone
But what mattered contentment had grown

It wasn’t long enough
When I got other fellows to laugh
My likes whom were not rough
I did not have to be different or tough

Life is beautiful and sweet
When from all fakeness I fleet
When I appreciate myself and with me I sit
When I live life with full content

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