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I stabbed her, making sure her heart was completely pierced and ripped apart.

I was ireful because she broke my heart, I couldn’t watch her besmirch my reputation. I still lech after Kunle and because I wanted to bury our shame, I had to silence her forever.

That Friday evening, I sent her an sms with Kunle’s phone because I knew she’d definitely come, don’t ask me how I got hold of his phone because I’m an expert in whatever I do.

She appeared at the solitary bridge exactly the time I sent her, stood there and dialed Kunle’s number. I walked up to her, unmasked myself so she’d know who her killer was. I threw few words at her, words that’d ride her to her grave even before my knife.

under the sheets

With those piercing words I brought her down, stabbed her and watched her struggle with death. I didn’t feel even an ounce of regret, I left her corpse there and walked back home.

Kunle was my first lover and the only man I knew when I turned 20. I met him in a restaurant and there we became friends, our friendship grew and we migrated from friends to lovers. He broke my virginity and I took in for him. The news of my pregnancy came like a wild wind, blew him away from me and turned me to a single mother.

I gave birth to Mma my daughter at the age of 21 and then my life struggle began. It’s been 18 years I lost contact with Kunle and life have been rather mysterable. Mma grew up to a beautiful lady all men admired, her beauty got stuck in her head and made her misbehave. Her silly behavior made her get pregnant at the age of 18.

When I noticed she was pregnant, I dragged her like a goat about to be slaughtered to the direction of the stupid man that impregnated her, we got there only to find out that it was Kunle her father. I was devastated to the marrow at what I saw, how could fate bring us together again with this shameful act? How do I tell the world that my daughter is pregnant for her father?

I dragged her back home silently screaming in my heart, I narrated my ordeal to her and urged her to get rid of the bastard in her womb but she was stiff-necked.

Seeing Kunle again brought back the old feeling I once had for him, I couldn’t watch my daughter love the same man I loved, I couldn’t be in such triangle of love. So I had to take the bull by the horn.

Days passed and her death filled the whole city. “A girl murdered by an unknown person at the bridge ” so said the news. It was then that it dawned on me it wasn’t a nightmare, I actually killed my daughter and her unborn child. Then my head began to expand, blur pictures of my daughter stood before me as blood streamed down her eyes. Her pictures hung on the walls wiped off leaving the frames empty.

Achoes of her cries filled my ears, she was finally going to kill me but I rather kill myself than die in her hands. I have to atone for my sins with my blood. I’m making this confession so you’ll know the real culprit.

I killed my daughter, my grandchild and myself.

Whoever sees this note should please take it to the police so that Kunle will be set free.

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