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My breath of sadness;
Sadness saddening smiles
Only in the beautiful dark;
I eat and make do with pain
Pushing me to see the days,
Days awake and awaiting explanation
This man called God called joke.

I rose, chasing after my shadow
In grievous laughter,
Laughter born out
Of a rainy tears;
Tears dropped without my permission
To tear me turbulently
That I denied myself
Permission to be consoled
Unless God finds me.

I’m lost in the crowd,
Identity and wish dropped to wander;
I can’t forget and let go;
I stopped being excited
In a beautiful prison called house;
I’ve beaten my shadows
For divorcing isolation;
I’ve told my shadow to avoid this house
Until God fried my loyalty.
Who exactly am I?

I’m broken,
A fixed piece
From abandoned pieces;
I live for an empty space
As I seek to create
My world in this world
Where human exist
And I remain invisible
Unless God speaks to me

under the sheets

I hold hands with emptiness
On the shore waiting to be drown;
I am devoid of leniency
Awaiting his answers;
I push on
My breath of sadness
Filled with darkness,
Expecting the answer before the last breath.

Who am I?
This God has to convince me

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