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Book Name: Immortal Words (A Collection of Poems)

Author: Nwokeabia, Ifeanyi John

Publisher: Poemify Publishers, Ana

Year of Publication: 8th March, 2021

under the sheets

Pages: 63pages

Reviewer: Enitan, Bello

Immortal Words is a collection, woven from the heart of a pensive writer, for souls to be lifted in the humanistic nature, crafted in diverse artistic tongues. Immortal with its spirit of immortality, gives beautiful narratives of love “Mother Ochichi” which reminds us of the sacrifices borne, and eulogistically foretold the length of mother’s love, more like it is in the “Garden of green” on the bed of roses, so as to lush and blush in freshness of shining boom.

“The slippery road” emits light of accomplishment for the journey of men in the world of uncertainty. Not forgetting the religious mannerism, immortal words draws our attention to our tenets of faith in “A morning mass at village church” and further foretold in “Gift of wholly spirit” the incomparable favour of the creator for his creations whose souls are endowed with supernatural gifts, and the significant laws of good and evil not in exemption, for “when the world goes around, it opens every book page, dishing out punishment like a merciless teacher”.

Immortal words further raise our hearts to the priceless breath of life endowed on us as humans, for sorrows and tribulations are not worth giving up life, we just have to keep “Fighting to live”

Immortal words cite a homeland of murderous event in “Nigeria; I hail thee!” not leaving behind the dirt and cruelty acts of the egocentric leaders toward the peaceful young minds pleading for a better nation. The collection of poem however touches the four corners of the world, with a beak on love, hope and peace to find its way up, as it looks like an “endless war” for the things of nature to leave the heart of men with a “cup of coffee” yet, the words we live on, still appear everyday as elixir of immortality over every renewed soul.


About the Reviewer

Enitan Bello is a Nigerian born poet, playwright and photographer who is also a certified graduate of Banking and Finance. Enitan Bello is man of culture and colours, whose Africanism spirit reflects in his art works. He however sees poetry as a building of many rooms, whose roof is pillared with creativity, built to highlight and quench the sorrows of the universe. Enitan Bello is a passionate lover of Poetry and Art who believes someday, his poems shall grace the feet of the universe just like his role model Prof. Wole Soyinka poems did get acclaimed.

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