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We played in the rain,
Males and females unclothe,
Neither shame nor pride encroach,
Like a suckling whelp and blissful raccoons,

We fought and played in the fields,
build mansions in the sand,
Named ourselves mama and papa,
A play that ends with happiness ever after,

We rode the kites high in the sky,
So were our dreams unify,
Some to be a pilot other a leader,
At sunset, we wave goodbye

When night falls,
We are found sitting by the lantern,
Listening to the story of tales,
about how great our forefathers were,

under the sheets

At a later time,
We are found playing ouwee,
Chasing girls and boys,
under the shining moon and glowing stars,

Sometimes we go to war for our sisters,
Throwing orange dirt and water plastic at our enemies,
Retrieving back with smiles and laughter,
From a battle that was never lost nor won,

Life was floruit at cradle,
Our success was found in our unity,
This is a story of every African child,
This was us at the beginning of time,

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