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Every year on May 16th, the International Day of the Boy Child is observed. This is a day when the entire world focuses on boys and their well-being. The goal is to achieve global gender equality. Jerome Teelucksingh, Ph.D (gender expert and founder of International Men’s Day) established the International Day of the Boy Child in 2018.

International Day of The Boy Child

Most of us are aware that the United Nations has designated October 11th as “International Day of the Girl Child” since 2012; however, most are unaware that there is a day dedicated to advocating for and raising awareness about issues concerning the well-being and development of the boy child. Neither gender should be overlooked. Balance is essential!

International Day of the Boy Child
Happy International Day of The Boy Child!

As a result, we at Poemify Publishers urge all writers, creative artists, and other stakeholders to speak out against the unfair balance and growing neglect of the boy child, and to create more platforms and resources that will promote the interests and overall well-being of the boy child, thereby salvaging their rapidly deteriorating posture and position in society.

Today, the boy child is quickly becoming invisible because society believes they are invincible. As a result, they are taught to mask their pains so that their tears do not show, as showing their pains is a sign of weakness. They are taught to be tough: “Boys don’t cry!” as a result of which they suppress their emotions.

under the sheets
International Day of the Boy Child
Happy International Day of The Boy Child!

The boy child is subjected to a plethora of societal pressures. There is a subtle social bias against the boy child. Disputes between boy and girl children are invariably resolved in favour of the girl child. Such stereotypes reflect the various degrees of trauma inflicted on the boy child on a daily basis by society. These have a negative impact on the boy child’s psychosocial balance and development. If we do not address these anomalies and correct the imbalance now, these young people may become abusive in the future.

Keep in mind that children are the future! Today’s boys will be tomorrow’s fathers! They will be the leaders of tomorrow. Let us all work together to protect the boy child and Africa’s future.

International Day of the Boy Child
Happy International Day of The Boy Child!
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