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Poemify Publishers has everything you need for publishing, marketing, branding, and editing your work. Whether you’re self-publishing for the first time or writing your next novel, our publishing services has everything you need to complete your book, from cover to cover.

As a publishing brand, the leading question that is constantly on our minds is this: How can we make book publishing easier and more affordable for aspiring authors without compromising on quality and helping writers and authors make their dreams (of becoming successful and profitable authors) come true?

We believe that everyone has a story to tell and everyone longs to leave a legacy for the next generation, not just by handing down material possessions but even more importantly, by bequeathing knowledge and wisdom acquired over their unique life experiences.

So if you are a writer/aspiring author, established author, religious leader, public figure or thought leader, here’s our value proposition for you:

  • Comprehensive Editing/Proofreading of manuscripts.
  • Creating professional and attractive Cover Designs.
  • Top-notch Layout Design/Formatting.
  • Issuance of International Standard Book Number (ISBN).
  • User-friendly Digital Publishing (PDF and ePub format).
  • Online Publishing (Amazon and related platforms).
  • Online marketing and advertising of your books.
  • Author website development.

Wouldn’t you rather work with us? Click here to view our affordable publishing packages.

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