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They lurked lips and savor in sensations
Of their moaning spirit with beads of sweat pants
On their neck
They went out to ring their hallways
The sailor back at the wharf
He’s a sailor who lost his pulchritudinous moon
Into the dreadful night
He looked for it

Just to cry and wring in pain
Drank him in his pots of shame
Journey of the Sailor Moon

He backed up his jacket
Just to see their beloved
Lurked in the arms of the faceless

Of the faceless hood
His muscular figure cleanses his memories

under the sheets

And returned home
To his bar of drunkenness
He drank and drank
Booze boozed his vision and sent him home
To rest in the columbarium
Where calm waters drip into the hearts of the dead.

He died when he arrived from his journey to the Sailor’s Moon.

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