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In this present world of gloom, evil and injustice, the only solution is JUSTICE.

I am young and you are old,
So I held back and did not dare to tell you what I think,
For those who are older are said to be wiser.

But you sit, silenced by the evil man.
Shall I then continue to wait when you are silent?
No, I will give my answer too.
For I am pent up and full of words,
And the spirit within me urges me on.

I am like a wine cask without a vent!
My words are ready to burst out!
I must speak to find relief,
So let me give my answers.

under the sheets

Don’t insist that I be cautious lest I insult someone,
And don’t make me flatter anyone.
Let me be frank lest GOD should strike me dead.

What we have needed,
What we need,
What we will continue to need is Justice!
Not money, not a little taps “my elders”
Justice is our last hope!

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