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You’re a young man. A fine young man who has caught the glances of the girls, and make them blush. The sight of you tickle their fancy and you keep asking if all embodiment of handsomeness was bestowed on you in heaven. But when you check your birthday, you were born on a Monday- a good time God should have been busy – but no, you’re made to perfection.

Everyone in your family is this way. Turns out you’re the only boy your parents came up with. You have beautiful sisters, younger ones and you’ve sworn to protect them with your life. That’s the big brother’s code, right? Alright.

You keep living your life as low-key as possible. You ignore the states of the girls in your hood and try not to make yourself cheap. You’re not a flirt,that’s what you tell yourself and infact, you have a girlfriend. But admist this your perfect life, you have one problem. Your sister.

Yes, your junior sister is 17. She’s beautiful, tall, sleek and is becoming that woman you want her to be.

under the sheets

But, but… there this boy in your neighborhood she’s sneaking out with. You ignoring it means going against the “Big Brother’s Code”. You can’t just act like everything’s cool. You have to do something. You have to stand and shun the boy least he sees your sisters as a vulnerable meat.

Just as you decide to walk up to him and warn him to stay coast clear your sister, you remember your first girlfriend, Martha. The one you loved with your life and had a close relationship with for years. Both of you barely survived the break up. You remember she was just 17 when you started dating her and you were 19. That’s the same age your sister and her her boyfriend are right now. Something is telling you that you’re about to be a spoil sport; end a tale that is yet to start. You pause. Think and reflect on the dangers of walking away from the whole picture. You feel bad. Then, you look sideways to see Karma smiling from a distance. Now you realise why Martha’s brother never asked you to stay coast clear his sister.

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