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Last Moments

In my last hour,
I felt the air go into me,
It was chilling and perfect,
A part of my last,
How peaceful it felt.
The sky stood still, gloomy and sad,
Glistening stars blinking with tears,
Its light fading gradually from my sight,
The demure moon was absent,
Trees subtly waving their goodbyes,
All of earth fell silent,
Or my ears went deaf, I don’t know.
My lips tried to make words,
With so many efforts, it tried,
But there were no words left to say,
Reminiscing the days I once had,
The years that have gone by,
How much time I have to make it right,
Dreams I buried,
I saw how simple life really was,
My heart tightened at thoughts of the afterlife,
I wanted to ask what was there,
But I couldn’t ask questions anymore,
Time is up now, no more chances,
My senses started failing slowly,
The once vibrant me started to wither,
Like a beautiful dying flower, I started to shrink,
Just like the star, my memory now blinks,
A force pulls strongly on my soul,
“I will miss this body”, I thought,
It’s so perfect, I kept it shredded,
But that was all I kept perfect,
Even my pen now shakes,
My hands have become frail,
I was once so strong,
Breaths rounding up,
Soul leaves,
I am gone… Adieu!

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