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About life and death but using the euphemism of Garden and roses. The roses are actions and results. The garden is life and leaving it is death.

Abdulrafiu Uthman

Is it worth it?
Picking up beautiful roses from their stem
Rubbing and greasing the prickly pain left
The unattended reality that you are in a garden
With varying flowers and farmers.

Is it worth it?
The grudge held towards another in the garden
The jealousy, malice, and little vices
The corrupt nature of the mind
Even when no offense should have been taken
At another’s success.

Is it worth it?
The calmness and realness in every flower
The companionship of every gardener
And the sweetness and joy
Of every farmer for the good flower he reaps
And sadness and disdain
For every bad one, he plucks.
It is the forgetfulness that he, the gardener,
Had sowed them all.

Is it worth it?
Is the stress all worth it?
Shouldn’t we tread softly
Now that we know that every gardener shall surely
Leave the farm when their flower has been fully

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