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To the soul that has been plunged
By the souls it hung
To save from their dung
Relent not, you’re not done
Refill your energy to give love until you’re gone
Life goes on until death!

False evidences appearing real; that’s fear
Be strong, steady and shine as steel my dear
Be you, even in places where love is rare
Stand out, don’t burn out there
Let them see and have a share as they stare
That love is even brighter than a flare

You’ve tried and tried until you feel dried
The world wants you to give up
I want you to give up on giving in to giving up
Look how far you have come, inches from the top
I know you want to give up
But remember how you wanted to get to where you are now

under the sheets

To my soul; I know you feel gutted
To my body; I know you feel cheated
To my growth; you can’t be stunted
To my being; I know you feel hunted
Breathe and feel afresh again
I hope your fears fear your hope

Life is a process
Ignore the digress and recess
They are but the process of progress
There’s no excess in essence
But if at all you’re tired and want to quit
Listen, Life goes on until death!

After the hurts and betrayals
You seem to have lost all your layers
Say a prayer still for your emotions’ players
They ended up making you stronger
Don’t hold onto your past too much
Life goes on until death!

A thousand voices in yoir head saying “give up”
Listen be calm, a voice will tell ’em “shut up”
It’s okay to be weary, still on braze up
The top seems so far from where you are
But you cant be in the ocean until you leave the shore
Life goes on until death!

For all your down moments
You shall still rise
Your strength is enough price for the prize

Don’t give up
Life goes on until death.
life GOES ON until death!

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Joxzy OTOR is a Musician, a Writer, a Self-discovery/development coach, and a Relationship Counselor.Fondly called "INKspirator" and "PenAddict" by his audience whom he prides as his family. Joxzy is well known by the lines "We live for us", "Live before you leave" and "Family is not biological". Joxzy is the convener of " A talk with Joxzy", a WhatsApp platform dedicated to counselling and helping you heal from all forms of emotional distress. Reach him all social outlets with the search "Joxzy OTOR"

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