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I stood afar off and watched the blinding lights dim
Fading slowly until it’s all just a beam
This is worse than I could ever deem
I stood afar off in awe of regrets wishing I could go back in time to reset

When you were going to audition for Broadway
you told me you would only be weeks away
I bade you goodbye with the sweetest smile and watched the cab until it was out of sight
Then, I waited
I sat by the lake and stared at the sun hoping you’d return
If patience was a river then I would have been it’s greatest swimmer
In the world of longing I felt a great sense of belonging

The morning sun comes up, then our bearing is clear
I look over my side and you’re actually there
Your rose perfume fills the air
butterflies come alive when you’re near
But these days my bed is nothing but bare and here I am sinking in despair
You flushed our green love down the drain and left a huge dent on my brain

Fame is what you desire
Your talents makes you aspire
Your flair sets a flare upon the mind of fear
Your aura is charming utterly disarming
Beautiful, peaceful,witful
I should never have expected you to be truthful
So there you are in a lantern of light
The dome I could never call home
The lantern which is the light of your celebrity life
And I stand afar nothing but a fan only to follow you on Instagram and on Twitter
When you promised I’ll you to the alter

Then there’s no tears left to cry
I watched your face on my TV screen
I listened to your interviews, reads your magazines, viewed your stories
But nothing seems to bear a trace of me
Nor the days we grew up in the ranch
Nor the nights we held hands in the green fields
Nor our first day in highschool
Or when you became class president
Do you remember the first time I taught you to ride a horse or that day we went into the forest and a bear chased us and we had to jump into the river and I couldn’t swim, I still can’t swim
I’m not being selfish I wished you all the best
But how could you forget me when I couldn’t forget you
Is this what money makes people!
is it the work of glamour
Or is it that you have lied to me eversince we were little kids

Now that you are a star you date men for the fun of it break up with them for the news to pick
Your name is everywhere always setting a new trend
Your longest relationship is eight months
Having children outside of wedlock
But my desire to see you fueled
I remained in love

I counted myself the luckiest man when I got a backstage pass to see you privately at the end of your concert
I’ll never forget the happiness I felt when I beheld you I was expecting a hug or at least those words
But your face went numb, you started moving backwards,the nearer I came the farther you went
The words I said it seemed you didn’t hear
Then finally your guards seized me and threw me out the window
I took one last glance at you as I was about to leave but your face remained the same and I knew from that moment that all we ever had was buried in the past.

The horizon is fading
So is are my youthful days
Technology is changing
Your popularity is waning
We’re now old and gray
Makeup can never stop you from being a crone now so you know

I live here all alone in my condo
I heard you moved back to the ranch also
I’m very sure you’ll find glamour in solitude
I know you brought your glitz with you

Your son is a multi billionaire
My daughter has gone to explore Africa
Maybe they’ll meet one day and be what we’d wish we’d be
But Is there somewhere we can meet and talk I could move back to the ranch if you want maybe this is what fate willed for us

Before the autumn leaves blow away
I wish to look into your eyes and feel alive remembering the days were alive on the eastside
To the days we didn’t want to be rich
To the days we just wanted to be free
To the nights we crossed the line with the lantern of our hearts

Before our lights burn out
I just want to hold you in my arms
I just want to inhale the scent of your hair
I just want to snuggle with the past
Where I thought we would last
I want to tell it to the skies and laugh at the stars
And it would be good
If all these would make up for our youth just so you’d know the truth that I have always loved you.

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