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This is a poem inspired by the numerous books written and published by the late Chinua Achebe.

Dear Chinua Achebe,
Our country is now barren
Of a Man of the People
Who should stand firm and still,
Like those waters of an ocean
Against these nefarious beings
Touring and tilling graves
To send our hopes to rest forever.

Our country is No Longer at Ease
As our nights are spent awake
With our ears longing to hear
Of some warring rumours
That bring sadness for our souls.

There are no hiding shores
In these Anthills of the Savannah
For there is no rock unknown to them
Or is there a lagoon not visited yet
By these villainous beings?

under the sheets

Our Hopes and Impediments
Become nothing but a mere talk
Debated and deliberated daily
By the occupants of luxurious seats.
But how many times shall our hopes
Be dashed before our hindrances
Be lifted for our dreams manifestation?

Truly, There was a Country
Called Nigeria; the Africa’s giant
Where elites vowed to fight
For the betterment of their citizens
And to protect and promote
Their rights of equality…

We are an Image of Africa
And what we say we are
Is what the world shall know.
Let’s fight not over a banana
And have our sweet soup soured.

Nigeria; such a better place to live
Yes. She is a home to the homeless
And a tool for exile to many
For what kills a man lives in a man.

We had fasted for freedom
And now The Leopard Got his Claws
And Things have Fallen Apart,
Can this be The Arrow of God
Or just The Trouble with Nigeria?
For The Flute calls for dirges
Other than songs of celebration.

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