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Love First, Then Peace, a poem

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How comes you want peace?
Yet you fight wars within?;
You seek, yet find not,
How could you have found what was not lost?

How comes you want oneness?
Yet, care less about the sound of silence;
Know you not, that it’s when nothing happens,
That anything can happen?

You fight all night with yourself,
compete all day with all and sundry;
You fail to see the good in others, why?
You think life is about you alone?

I offered a harmless handshake,
You stretched forth your leg, fall you will;
Calm, and Love me as i am,
This peace you envy in me, is born out of my love for you!

The Peace you want is not far away,
Only, you should embrace Love, and on others don’t prey;
Love doesn’t hurt, it embers leave no scar,
Let it out, freely with smiles brighter than the stars.

Remember your childhood, the time of innocence,
You loved truly, no pretence;
How about we all go back to being one,
There and then, we’d feel a’home!


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