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The beautiful adorable woman
I have ever known in my life
Since I started forming in her womb
Till the moment I first opened my eyes
A star you are,so bright than twilight moon
So charming is your smile

The daughter of the King
Whose umbilical cord cutting was allulated
A Princess is born
Who will betroth her
Eyes so fierce but charming
Waist so narrow but tantalizing

Mama how much I adore you
How much I love you
How much I love to call your name
A name that satisfy my whole being
A name that makes me forget everything to hear it’s echo
Mama! Mama! Mama! Sweet name I will forever call

under the sheets

So strong,tough,rough, straight but concerned
A teacher more than professor
A tuitor more than a poet
Your life lessons I followed without ado
Your words I memorized
I won’t let you down Mama

You always got on my side
Even when I was wrong
That’s the love of my Mama
You pinched me almost every time but never hated me
With a burning fire eyes you would correct me
But you never liked to see my tears
Words can’t describe my love for you

Drink everything and don’t leave to anyone you would say
Search for the money you kept in my porch
Break the glasses you bought for me
Just make it clean more than I did
Just burn the house when I leave
I thought you were immoral but wisdom were your words

I love you more than anything
I will always love my Mama
An angel sent by Abba Father
A guard and motivator
A sun that gives light and warmth

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