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In my tongue

order form a magnet

plucking the loins of an ageless wind like eve

to a tree, in the garden of Eden [i: dn]

under the sheets

My body, a breakfast of mutilation

                                  from allegiance, fell to a bittersweet- inhuman feeling

Insensate destruction.

And ah, this get me wondering if self-harm

is an antonym of pleasure

                                        that conjure the guilt

                                        affixed to the locus of my heart.

I’ve ruin my father’s gadget [ru:in. Transitive verb.

knowing that his loyalty won’t stop him from war-ridden me]

in positing of articles and poems            

                                     and, as if it sounds like a ‘dream come true ‘,

                                     night after, a blessing in disguise popped in:

a multiple of rejections.

                                      & I couldn’t win a grammy! 

This is only but an overripe pain I crave for

over the body my freedom repose;

                                      a three-crown of thorns

                                      & I couldn’t Passover.

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Excel Chinagorom Michael is an emerging poet and writer that writes from the suburb area of Aba. It's expected that he reads and scribble an unorthodox poetry and pun in a dynamic pattern on diverse subjects. Having over two hundred and more poems to his name, his work are forth coming. He is fascinated by sports, fashion and music— intended gospel vocalist.

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