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The poem is basically saying “I am nothing because I’m not the source of inspiration but I am everything because I’m the vessel of providence’s great gift.”

When words fail me
When my thoughts overwhelm me
When the dream of my escape eludes me
When my fears get the better of me
When the reality of my aloneness hits me
The doubts, the hopes, the secrets

When my confidence gives way
And I begin to question myself
When I remember my mistakes
And I feel like I hate myself
When the voices get loud
People’s expectations of me
Fears that I’m losing control
Of my life, my dreams,my existence

The ink becomes my voice
The ink itself, my blood
My soul leaves me
I die
I rise again
In a new vessel
Inspiration raises my dead body
The creator now lives in it
And for a moment
I’m me
I’m the pen
The pen is God
The pen is in the hand of God
The blessed Trinity

under the sheets


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