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This is the omega of grief that comes with a pound of relief;
of emotions and feelings drowned in the ocean of belief;
that the faith to stay afloat is to stay alive, (dying),
i thought life is beautiful until I realized that living is an ugly duckling.  

At first, it is everything you die for, alas!
It nothing worth dying for.
This is how bosom buddies become bloody enemies,
the positive aura that brews negative energy,
intimacy wanes into enmity,
from sweethearts to bitter strangers,
the love of your life becomes the hate in your heart,
this is a crazy life, sanity of humanity, sadly,
we live in the prime of this reality.  

Love is beyond care and cuddles,
If I knew I’ll be broken,
I would have been born a puzzle,
love stories have changed from falling madly in love
to falling for mad people, thus!
We all live the sequel.
After giving something worth taking,
& taking something worth giving,
it then become crumbs when the cookie crumbles —
a bodybag when the chips are down;
you won’t die but you’ll see death while dying
& live a ill life in your place of valley.     

You may not understand your past
until they hunt you like predators,
turn every beautiful thing to an incinerator,
from a swimming pool to a cesspool,
then you begin to take snail steps in Goliath’s boots,
a mahogany deflates into a root, then kaboom!
You become an awakened monster,
a religionized holster;
who houses a weapon of mass destruction;
to take down every pretty-looking thing,
now, you’re everything you spat against —
against your wish… And now, you’re a ModaFoka.  

under the sheets

This is the omega of grief
that comes with a sound of relief;
of a life drowned in the depth of the belief
that living is another way of dying,
a pattern of divine decree,
so know that when you’re living without dying,
you’re only dying without living,
the monster they made to drive us
is the freewill roaming through our nose — back & forth.
Vanity is what I call it when I don’t call it life,
ModaFoka is what I him when he thinks
he is a master of his mind…  

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