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O Ye food for the souls,
What have you brought to your present-day users?
If not doom, somewhat like that of the past years’ losers,
Alas! You’ve continued to dampen the lives of your users.
The messages expected to be delivered through you,
Are thought to lift souls,
But No! What we hear and see doesn’t befit animals,
Talk less of human values.
Why are your creators still held in high esteem like holy souls?
When they’ve done nothing other than to sub change our esteemed values.
The insanity of your creators
Has consumed the sanctity of most people,
Which you’ve made short of importance in the eyes of your creators,
As you’ve made them go against the will of their Creator.
Yet, the number of your average users,
Grows in folds like a factory’s turnover,
Subconsciously turning the non-users odd amongst others,
Making life seemingly uninteresting to them.
Game Over!

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