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The land is green,
too green to incubate into maturity,
a beauty to behold held in abject travesty;
the theater, where dreams die on the battlefield of reality,
an island of monopoly;
where a few eat the fruits of so many;
& penury is placed in the hands of the majority,
the dividend of democracy — a sheer inhumanity,
the land is poison & survival is scavenging,

this is murderland!
A place where demons have dignity,
& evil is given a safe sanctuary,
immorality is a flawless anarchy,
sinlessness in the society;
skewed to suit iniquities,
we speak but our mouths have become a graveyard,
peace to the masses, belligerent against humanity,
what is sympathy when sorrow is joy-making mockeries?
Consuming like an infection; the weakness of others is energy,

this is murderland!
Where the youths are vilified
for standing against insanity,
in here, seeking justice is like hunting for vanity;
the blood of causalities is karma of national calamity,
we share unending grief over the internet & that’s where it ends,
hence, treason is he who let the horrible truth vent,

this is murderland!
A habitat built around self;
only to neglect thinking beyond self;
a selfish sweetness that defines prosperity,
& prosperity is how much flattery you get from the society,
this affliction is a living organism in our system;
originality frails, now we have to wear the pretence,

under the sheets

the land is green,
green enough to birth newness,
brains & brawns of its offsprings
can spring forth vigour,
from a great mess to greatness,
this is murderland!
where we can put the past to rest;
with a present time determined enough
to wake up to a better tomorrow.

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    Three things stand out for me in this poem: first, the metaphor of a title, Murderland–its creativity and the many emotions of alarm it holds; second is the metaphor of the land, green,vibrant, yet the woeful things that go on upon it. Third is the hope the poem elicits in the green of the land, an assertion of the potential it holds. While this poem bemoans the saddening state of Nigeria, it still manges to present us with a glow of hope for a better future.

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