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It is a poem that tells a short story of what Africa is like, how it had been and how it is presently.

Welcome to Africa
From whence comes people of color Skin dark like the earth
Melanin rich from birth.
The women carry babies on their backs While men go out to check their traps
The kids gather round fires at night
Listening to tall tales that cause them fright.
Oh Africa, your riches know no bounds
From the deserts of the North Down to the rich forests of the south
Your people appreciate your worth Glory shines on them like a golden sun
And envy rains on them like a dark cloud
You welcome the foreign with wide arms,
Comfort them like a warm blanket Yet they selfishly drain you of your assets.
Your people, they once used as slaves
And your earth they turn into graves.
Who will fight for you my Africa? Who will keep your dignity
When your people turn against each other
Your so called leaders
Constantly leading them to war And your lands soaked with tears and blood
My Africa, who will keep you safe?
When all your youths plan to escape
To the lands of those who cause you pain.

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