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do we make x the subject of the
equation in a country where:

                           a is
a metaphor of darkness,

                          b is
a feast of vultures,

                         c is
an abattoir of human bones,

under the sheets

                        d is
a breastfeed of hunger?”

student asked about the market storm in October 20.


This question, like a
bird, flies but fails to hear a hunter’s gunshot:

when a cow eats up her
own farm

& beg the left-over
grass for forgiveness

“the equation is: ax = b + c + d” I said to him.



two eyes drop streams
of sorrow in wilderness,

no subject can be
expunged from the equation,

it rather transforms –
like chameleon – and travels into a new colony.


“a” divides itself in
both sides:


ax = b + c + d

a          a


now the subject of the country:

is synonymous to death & death is synonymous to x


“Tell me the value of x?
Or is it an antidote of burning freedom?” I asked.



This guest article was submitted by Anonymous .

I fear dogs more than I fear sickness

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