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Life loses its immortality once breath is cut off and buried or cremated. Before conception, fetus sign bilateral agreement with death – to live & die once. But Immortal Words is a gentle reminder to humans that the power of words can always dare and defeat the power of death by sitting comfortably on the pages of a book.

According to John Chizoba Vincent, “reading a book is like drinking from a bottle of red wine, you first smell the bottle of the wine, then, the content as you pour it gradually into a glass of cup, not remembering the chaos between your body and lights or your mind, you first sip and sip and sip until you become intoxicated by the sweetness of the wine — so is book. Good books make the heart get fresher with every melody that mimics the way it comes in shape, style and narration. And Immortal words is one of such books you hold and never get the chance to drop it until you absorb every line therein.

Although, the feelings and perspectives one gets from this chapbook varies. But It is for the embodiment, rectification and reminder that humanity needs to be examined and whatever one leave behind stays even for the next hundred generations to come. This is the reality this book captures and Ifeanyi is yet to come out fully from his shell like a whirlwind. Until then, enjoy this first offering offered without blemish on it.”

The anthology goes on to ramble through the labyrinth of life, throwing up love, happiness and morals for eyes to eat and transport genuine change to the hearts of humans. It serves in as a catalyst to reawaken humans’ spirit towards seeing possibility for positive change in the society.

under the sheets

Immortal Words reaffirms that life does not end in death, rather it’s a beginning to immortality. Click image below to download ‘Immortal Words’ on Poemify Bookstore.

Immortal Words

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