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Maazi Ibiam Ude is best known for his poems expressing the ecstasies and mysteries of love and lust as was beautifuly poemified in his first poetry collection ‘HER HOLE UNIVERSE’, is here with yet another collection.

Maazi Ibiam Ude Ufiem once again presents a collection of erotic, kinky poems, and this time with mind-blowing word plays. Love, lust, playfulness, provoking cravings, and indecent thoughts of a second class boyfriend painted over a canvas of affection with deep strokes. In this collection of lust-filled, naughty, sensual poems, you will enjoy extreme of eroticism mixed with pleasure and pun.


In this chapbook, ‘Second Class Boyfriend’, you will find the best of those erotic poems, ranging from the ‘wholeness’ one experiences with a true lover, to the satisfaction one gains from romantic relationships, and everything in between- these poems cover all the magnificent voice parts of thrilling moans.

About Book

Love life is a music box, that’s why I live in A-flat. After what the poet has gone through on 14th February in “HER HOLE UNIVERSE”, he was amazed upon discovering his real number among those who regularly pour libation into her universe.

under the sheets

In life sometimes you get to assume that you are the only one in your lovers life. A times you feel you are the favourite joke that make him or her smile. You even pay sacrifices even to your own hurt, unknown to you, your lover have got so many multiple pump attendants especially when you are not there.

Father will always say to us “Humans beings are deceptive, true and perfect love who can find? When you fall in love my child, don’t just fall for the perfect ones, fall for the true ones”. Life has hatched us like chicks and actors, playing her Second Class script on every stage. Second Class Boyfriend is a collection of everything rated 18. If your Pastor warned you about “a thing”, avoid this wisdom, because like a warden, it’s doesn’t come with uniform.

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