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Blossom in ‘The Journey’ attempts to describe ‘Life’ as a ride with several destinations and vistas. He discusses a range of relatable themes and ideas including love, growth and the personality of those things around us that we can’t see or touch. He applies a rich use of imagery, analogies, aphorisms and other fine-coated literary devices to drive his message home. This book will help you enjoy the very art of poetry.

The Journey

‘The Journey’ takes you on an interesting journey through beautifully and carefully written words that explore themes on life, love and growth. It furnishes you with something to pause and think about.

As you read this book, prepare your mind to walk with Blossom, see with him, hear with him, love with him, smile with him, shed a tear with him and grow with him.


Blossom Ibe-barth Chigozirim is a writer, SEO Specialist, poet, artiste, content creator, copywriter and microcopy enthusiast from Imo state in Nigeria, West Africa. He writes with a flair for painting pictures from his thoughts and discussing life and love. His works have appeared in various national and international blogs and magazines, including Quarterly Digest, Opera Mini news blog, Paul Kay’s blog, The Sun and some others. He began writing officially in the year 2018, and released an online poetry album titled ‘For Leaving’ in the year 2019, on Facebook. He released another online poetry album (currently ongoing) titled ‘Tissues, Pretty faces and dead flowers’ in the year 2020. He resides with his mother and siblings in Oyigbo, Rivers State, Nigeria. He believes in a beautiful world, painted with opaque colours. He also believes that beans and plantain with soaked garri is a dish designed by God himself.

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