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Nigeria our great and beloved motherland,
where multitudes of tribes united stand.
Our land of hope by two rivers divided,
with lush vegetation by nature provided.

Nigeria our home of people resilient.
A land of great icons in works diligent.
We hail thee, our great and revered black nation,
our land of human dignity and redemption.

God, arise and take your place as sovereign Lord.
Enthrone Thyself in Nigeria’s seat of power.
Make her edicts and laws Thy eternal word.
Let justice prevail in her courts by the hour.

Our flag will peace and industry symbolize,
whilst our history will always immortalize
the deeds and sacrifices of our heroes past.
Help us, Lord, to serve our beloved land with zest.

under the sheets

Nigeria, the blessed will pervasive peace know,
even when the threat of tumult seems to flow.
Her crops and yields will neighbouring countries nourish,
from her fields that inexhaustibly flourish.

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