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Nobody Knows!

Nobody knows the real me,
the man who has fallen, risen,
fallen, and is rising.
Nobody knows.

Nobody knows how many tears I have shed.
Tears of ageless miseries,
of broken hopes,
of wasted years,
and betrayals.
Nobody knows.

Nobody knows how many times
I have been defeated, rejected,
and subjected to
to struggle,
to unresolved futility
and repeated failures.

under the sheets

Nobody knows behind this face
is a sad man,
a deep scar,
a wounded heart,
an ugly past,
a fractured soul,
and a debtor.

Nobody knows how many times
I contemplated suicide,
and felt like throwing in the towel
because life has never treated me
the way I deserve it.

Nobody knows the many thoughts that
have crossed my head.

Nobody knows the demon I wrest with
night and day.

Nobody knows my weakness,
my strength.

Nobody knows my pain,
my fears,
my past.

Nobody knows I’m a prisoner
locked behind the bars of my passion.

Nobody knows behind these words are
twisted emotions,
geysers of tears,
as thick as broth.

But I know,

it doesn’t matter
what I’ve been through,
my ugly past, my deep scar,
the betrayals, and denials.

I have my eyes peeled on my
spotless future, and the
many glorious days ahead of me.

I will fight the fight.

I will gain the victory.

I will strive to the finish line,

and I will claim my prize.

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