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North East – A Poem By Muhammad Auwal Ibrahim

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Like snake,
We moved on our stomachs
To escape the running bullets above our heads
From cockcrow to sunset

Like birds,
We went in as early as sun sets
To escape the harassment of hawks that swoop chicks

Like ball,
Men heads fell, kissed the sand and rolled on the ground

Like water,
Blood bleeded on streets,
And marked many orphans,
Widows and childless

But like birds,
We wish to soar high in the sky
And swing
Despite the darkness of the sky

Poet Bio
Muhammad Auwal Ibrahim is a young Nigerian writer, poet, and playwright. He studied at Gombe High School. He is currently studying at Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. His work has appeared or forthcoming in Praxis Magazine, Tuck Magazine, Tush Stories, Knowislam, Pengician, Poetry Planet, Poemify Publishing Inc, Imomotimi Anthology, Ikeohu, for poetry:tributes, 3rd Chinua Achebe Essay/Poetry Anthology, Racial Based Discrimination: Global Insights, for the Boy Child, dedicated to daddy anthology, summer rain anthology, TACT Nigeria, The Word Finesse and many more.

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