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Indian Hemp!
It was definitely Indian Hemp. I felt my mind swirling and twirling, like I was stuck on another planet. I couldn’t get a grasp on the situation I found myself in. Though, I knew I was somewhere in between my high school friends and their friends too.

Indian Hemp!
I had never had a drawl of this beauty. Perceived the smoke once when passing by the uncompleted building in our neighborhood (_that building belonged to Dr Ben. But sooner the boys in the hood had converted it to a home of chemical experiments).

Well, today I was lodged in that same building. I and my high school friends just had a little get-together there. I should have known their intentions before I agreed to come.

They set the atmosphere with smokes of ‘Arizona’, ‘crack’ and something else that smelt like dried plantain leafs. An MP3 was blaring with the new sounds from Naira Marley, the ghetto president. Sooner, Bernie urged me to join in and take a drawl. I rejected his offer, but with further pleas in form of jeers thrown at me, I felt pushed to prove myself a strong-willed dude.

under the sheets

And then it happened.

I took one long drag and felt the smoke snake its way up my head. In a second, I couldn’t feel my face. My mouth felt dry and I soon felt my lips curve into an impulsive smile.


“From today henceforth, you cease being my son” I heard mother say as she was carefully whisked out of my ward.

My eyes don dey clear!

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