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for days now, you sewed your mouth
only yawn & look restless
i can see it from the heat that flees your body

i’m searching my gallery to find you with goofy grin face
& trying to catch memory when laughter owned your days
but you rinse everything out of your body
& roam without a mate
this can never be you
i guessed to myself

when i look at where i am
i remembered how your words were fertilized soil that fed my growth
& i’m begging history to recite those days when courage was the fruit of your lip
or gone forever are those days?

someone needs to answer
why everything good has to change
memories suck of how you sacrificed your last for those that later turn their backs;
offspring of the remaining nine lepers

under the sheets

now you have decided to be alone
& see if someone is concern for your well-about
apart from the womb you were spilled through

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