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One More Drag

(For America 44th, Barack Obama)

A lone habit cultivated in his youth // he tried and tried and tried // quitting was a tower like Babel he struggled to climb.

His wife loved him above anything // and won’t stop him // but not in the house or before the kids // it is not allowed.

under the sheets

As he rise in stature so he grew in fame // mayor of the city // house member // senator // grand commander of the armed forces // can he stop // or will he stop?

The town hall meetings come with stress // the despotism of reason he couldn’t suppress // in the car ride through a quiet village // or a hotel room in hideaway // his finger finds comfort, hanging in V-shaped over his lips // after reaching for the pack tucked away in his suit // or in the drawer nearby on standby.

His team was good // a good shield to the world // he resolved to stop anyway // but busy bee schedules decide // pressure // he reach to the terrace // or sometimes the pool in the garden // or in the moonlit or sometimes pure dark night // taking a drag // a deep drag // watching the smoke curl fade in the darkness // telling himself this is the last // only to return, again, and again // for one more drag // and his unhappiness progress.

He did stop // somehow // in in-between.

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Oletu Oghenenyore is a native of Urhobo from Ughelli-South LGA of Delta State. He is a photographer and G.M.P. fabricator. A passionate poet and story-teller with over 200 poems on various theme, some publish in online book and magazine. Your can reach him on +238140727762. Facebook handle: OLETU OGHENENYORE CORNELIUS PETR. His poetry Facebook page is NYORE NOTE.

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